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Artwork from F-Zero GX.
Series F-Zero series
First game F-Zero X
Year Created 1998
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Mr. EAD is a pilot from the F-Zero franchise, first appearing in F-Zero X on the Nintendo 64. In the series, the character is an android created by a development group known as EAD (a reference to Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, or Nintendo EAD, the developer within Nintendo who created the first two F-Zero games. Mr. EAD also sports a Starman on his belt buckle and has a mustache, which some speculate is a reference to Mario).

References to Nintendo

Mr. EAD references many Nintendo games and the division within the company that created him.

  • Mr. EAD is named after Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, or Nintendo EAD for short. Nintendo EAD developed both F-Zero and F-Zero X, the latter being Mr. EAD's first video game.
  • The star on Mr. EAD's belt buckle appears to be from the Super Mario Bros. franchise.
  • Mr. EAD's mustache is often speculated to be based off of Mario's. In both F-Zero X and F-Zero Maximum Velocity, this is especially true, though in F-Zero GX it more resembles Waluigi's mustache.
  • In the anime, F-Zero GP Legend, during episode 21 there is a scene where Mr. EAD dresses up as Peach from Super Mario.


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