Microgoomba SMG

The Mugger-Micro Goombas are tiny Goombas that attack Mario by biting or throwing large heavy objects at him. They appeared in the games Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and Super Mario 64. They are found in deserts, grasslands, hills, mountains, caves and ships. The Micro Goomba are often part off the Koopa Troop but can also be found wild. They are incredibly weak in hit points as practically any attack can take them down in a single hit. On the other hand they are very evasive and can perform incredibly powerful bites. Some of them are strong enough to lift bricks and other heavy objects several times their size. Also, they, although not intelligent, have been known to create tribes containing Micro-Goombas and often more powerful Para-Goombas.

There are many different species of Micro Goomba although they all share the same title. One kind, appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3 were 1/4 of the size of a regular Goomba and had very large eyebrows. Another from Super Mario 64 was only the size of Mario's foot and did not have hair. Although some say that they are Para-Goombas' children others think that they are a complete different species of Goomba.