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MumboJumbo is a video game developer and publisher.

Games released by MumboJumbo

Title Format Release Date Source
7 Wonders of the Ancient WorldDS2007-09September 2007Site GameFAQs [LINK]
7 Wonders IIDS2010-12December 2010Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Build-a-lotDS2008-12December 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Chicken HunterDS2008-03March 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Crazy Chicken Adventure: The Pharaoh's TreasureDS2009-06June 2009Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Crazy Chicken: Atlantis QuestDS2009-06June 2009Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Crazy Chicken: Star KartsDS2009-06June 2009Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Johnny Bravo: Date-O-Rama!DS2009-06June 2009Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Luxor: Pharaoh's ChallengeDS2007-12December 2007Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Luxor: Pharaoh's ChallengeWii2008-01January 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Luxor 3Wii2008-11November 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mahjong: Journey Quest for TikalDS2010-07July 2010Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe ConspiracyDS2010-09September 2010Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky ManorWii2008-11November 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Nanda's IslandDS2011-03March 2011Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Polar BowlerDS2008-10October 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Puzzle ExpeditionDS2010-09September 2010Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of AthenaDS2010-07July 2010Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Slingo QuestDS2008-12December 2008Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Slingo QuestDSiWare2011-04April 2011Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Super Collapse 3DS2007-10October 2007Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Tin CanDS2011-02February 2011Site GameFAQs [LINK]

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