Monster Manor Mummifiend boss

The Mummifiend

The Mummifiend, also known as Mummy's Boy, is the third boss encountered in the Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Mii Plaza game Monster Manor. As its name would imply, the boss is a colossal mummified beast with two large front legs and its lower body protruding from the floor, with a single red eye visible on its bandaged head, as well as a gaping mouth. The Mummifiend attacks mainly by launching its bandages at the player, but will also use its huge fist to slam down on top of the player in an attempt to crush them. Finally, the boss will occasionally make use of its toxic breath in order to inflict damage.

The Mummifiend is fought on Floors 15, 29 and 45 (despite bosses usually being fought on every fifth floor, the Mummifiend is fought on Floor 29 instead of Floor 30 since Arzodius serves as the boss of that floor instead). As expected, the Mummifiend's health and attacks increase dramatically with each battle. The Mummifiend is vulnerable to fire weapons, though like all other enemies, it will take damage from any weapon that is used against it. After defeating the Mummifiend on the fifteenth floor, the player receives a Plaza Ticket.