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Murder Beam

The Murder Beam is a beam from Super Metroid that can only be obtained by exploiting a glitch. To do this glitch, go to where it shows Samus' upgrades (All beams required to do this.). Turn off wave beam, have spazer on, not plasma. Charge up, then pause without letting go off the charge button, then let go of charge button. Go over to the boots and hit Left and A at the same time, if done right the words Var. should appear next to the plasma beam, with the spazer on. Unpause, and when going back to game hold the charge button again. A glowing orb should constantly be there. Don't let go, or Samus will start falling through the ground and appearing back at the top in slow motion. NOTE:CAN ONLY BE USED AGAINST BOSSES. Does constant damage to boss.

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