MySims Camera
MySims Camera (DSiWare)
Developer(s) Electronic Arts
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) DSi Ware platform icon
Genre(s) Camera

 01CERO A 

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The MySims Camera is a DSiWare game that allows you to take MySims animations into photos that you have taken with your DSi by placing stamps and characters into a photo you can take with your DSi camera.

This is a simple photo editing program, similar to the DSi camera itself but the difference is that it comes with a MySims license and a handful of MySims characters.There are 8 MySims that you can bring into photos but they can be manipulated in different ways. For example, you can changed the sizes of your MySims, their angle on the screen can be rotated, a few poses and by changing their expression.

If a user inserts a MySims game card into the DSi system that player will have some advantages of that game.The software also allows you to choose and design a few frames using the small selection of stamps included with this application. You cannot use photos saved to an SD card.