WL3 S OutOfTheWoods9

Out of the Woods is a location found in Wario Land 3, the fourth installment of the Wario Land series. It serves as the very first level for Wario to explore, right after he gets swallowed by the Music Box and meets the Mysterious Figure at The Temple. It is available right from the start. While it is the first level in the game, curiously, it is also the last level that must be completed, before Wario gets the chance to fight the final boss.

The level Out of the Woods can is located on the north sector of the Music Box. It is set in a forest environment and thus its dominating colors are green and brown. Various tall trees can be seen in the background of the setting. The level itself is divided into three areas, which themselves branch off into different places. In all three areas, Wario can explore the ground level and the higher areas on the tree's branches to find hidden goodies. The first area's upper regions are filled with Applebies, which cause Wario to get fat when they hit him. The second area features some underground tunnels and and leads to a river with strong currents. The strong stream washes Wario away if he falls in, unless he finds a proper upgrade for his swimming abilities. The most prominent feature of the third area is a giant tree with a face, which is also home to the level's boss: Anonster the spider. A flaming torch can also be found here, as well as an area full of Silkies.