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Nami Kamishiro
Nami Kamishiro (Lux-Pain)
Nami Kamishiro's artwork from Lux-Pain
Species Human, Telepath
First game Lux-Pain
Voiced by (English) Cherami Leigh
Voiced by (Japanese) Mamiko Noto
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Nami Kamishiro is a main character in Lux-Pain. She is an 11 year old child, who has a telepathic ability that allows her to talk to animals.



Nami K.
Age: 11
Height: 141cm
Weight: 30kg
Family: Parents/sister
Address: Area3 EhimeBld.

1: The girl from the Yuhigaoka Apts. Her knowing of Atsuki's telepathy shows a need to be cautious. Treating her as a child may spell trouble.

2: Inviting Atsuki out shows she's able to act. Also calm, she seems amazing. But, eating chiken while hearing a story about chicken slaughter...?

3: She goes everywhere with her ace Melody, but this is just a way to get some food. With a bright but dark smile, she gets candy and food from everyone!

4: She seems to have a strong bond with her sister although pushing her around with her cutesy act. Acting on this makes her a lil' devil...

5: The death of Mako Ando weighs heavy on her. The loss of the girl she opened up to is surely hard. However, she'll surely bounce back soon.

6: She seems to care more for animals than humans. She doesn't need to be nice to bad guys, but yelling's too much. A little too gutsy...?

7: She may be able to understand animals. In a very loving way too. Almost as if she can heal them! She truly has a gift. Even if she is a lil' devil...

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