Namingway as he appears in the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV.

Namingway is a character in various different Final Fantasy video games, starting with Final Fantasy IV on the SNES. In the video game, he is a member of the Hummingway species and later on (in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings) as a Sahagin. His best known quality is the ability to change the name of the characters in your party.

Final Fantasy IV remake

In the Final Fantasy IV remake for the Nintendo DS, the characters' names can't be changed as they are verbally used in the cut scenes. Nevertheless, the first time you meet up with this creature, his name will be Namingway. He'll ask if you want to change your name, but shortly he'll find that he's lost this trait, and, feeling foolish, pouts off. You'll meet up with him various other times in the game, though he'll change his own name (odd considering the fact that he apparently can't do this anymore) on multiple occasions to Mappingway, Weddingway, Livingway, and various others.