Naoto oshima

Naoto Oshima in the 1990s.

Naoto Oshima is a video game designer who is best known for designing Sonic the Hedgehog and being president of Artoon, a Japanese company that works with various publishers to develop video games such as Yoshi's Island DS and AWAY: Shuffle Dungeon. Other video games he's worked on include the Phantasy Star series (as graphic designer), Sonic CD (as game director), and even NiGHTS Into Dreams (as the game's director, visual designer and character designer). After the success of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast (which he played a small role in), he went on to create the previously mentioned Artoon. According to an interview with Nintendo Power, he initially wanted to become the Walt Disney of the industry. Seeing the list of games he's worked on, you can conclude that he's not far from this goal.