These are quotes said by Natalie.

Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness


Natalie: Yo.
Natalie: How's it going?

Natalie: Mornin'. Is there something on my face? Stop staring at me!

Red Heart
Natalie: A-Aren't you a little close? What? My face is red? It's...umm...nothing.

Before Wedding
Natalie: Wh-What...? I-I'm not embarrassed... Go away!

Natalie: *sigh*... I still gotta work, too. Elliot'll mess it up without me.

Natalie: [Player], I'm so... y'know... glad I married you.

Heart Events

Natalie: I-I that... for m-me? W-Whoah! Let's go to your place. [Player].

Player and Natalie got to Player's house.

Natalie: Wow! Umm...dang! This is such a shock, [Player]!

Player nods and takes out blue feather

Natalie: Wow, [Player], I had no idea you felt the same way as me!
Natalie: This makes me so happy!
Natalie: I accept! Let's get married!

Player gives Natalie the blue feather.

Natalie: Hey, we gotta go tell my family!

Player and Natalie go back to Taro's House.

Elliot: Wh-What...? Natalie, you... you found someone willing to marry you?
Elliot: That's unbelievable!
Natalie: Yeah, thanks, jerkface.
Felicia: This just seems so sudden... Oh, I just can't believe how fast you've grown.
Felicia: It seems like only yesterday when you spoke your first words...
Felicia: And look at you now... About to be married...
Felicia: Oh, but this is so exciting! Congratulations, you two!
Taro: Well, [Player], you certainly have good taste!

Player nods.

Taro: I just hope you've got a lot of patience. My granddaughter can get pretty darned ornery.
Natalie: Sheesh, Gramps.
Natalie: [Player] knows that. It's not like he just met me yesterday.
Felicia: Well, when is the ceremony, you two?
Natalie: We talked it over, and we decided to have it in a week.
Felicia: ...Oh... That's so...soon.
Natalie: ...What's wrong?
Felicia: ...The house will be so quiet without you, Natalie.
Felicia: Thinking about it... I think I miss you already...
Natalie: C-come on, Mom. I'll just be living at the ranch. It's right there!
Taro: Come on, now. It's time to celebrate, not to be gloomy.
Taro: Our family isn't shrinking. It's growing by one!
Felicia: Y-yes. You're right! Good luck, Natalie!
Natalie: Thanks, Mom! You too, Gramps and Elliot!
Felicia: Well now, I abruptly left work, so I have to go back.
Felicia: Please take care of her, [Player].

Alisa: Thank you all for coming on this joyous day...
Alisa: We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of [Player] and Natalie.
Nathan: Truly, we are blessed to bear witness to such a joyous occasion.
Nathan: [Player], do you take Natalie as your wife to love and honor for as long as you live?

Player nods

Nathan: Natalie, do you take [Player] as your husband to love and honor for as long as you live?
Natalie: ...Yeah, I do.
Nathan: I now pronounce you man and wife.
Nathan: May your life together be blessed with happiness!

Everyone goes outside

Natalie: It's such a loving feeling... How they went this far to cogratulate us...
H. Goddess: (Ta-Dah! Congratulations on your marriage, [Player]!)
H. Goddess: (This is a gift from me. My best wishes.)
Nathan: The bell!
Nathan: How wonderful! You two are destined to be happy together!


Natalie: You've made me so happy, [Player]! Dang You make me say such cornball things...
Natalie: So, would you like me to call you something special now that we're married?

Enter nickname

Natalie: [Nickname], huh? I like that. It sounds nice.
[Player]: Tomorrow is the first day of our new life together. I couldn't be happier!

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