Nathor Dreslin

Nathor Dreslin thinks he is first in line for the throne in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. According to his story, the only reason he isn't king was because Lord Jair was made heir by the dying King Aronde. Him and his family were stripped of their ranks. He feels they were humiliated later when they were sent to work at the "poor excuse of a castle". He still, even as a ghost, plans to have his revenge and regain the throne while residing in the Trials Tower.

Altered Trials

  • Guess the true king trial: the picture of Nathor Dreslin acts as a door to the next trial instead of Lord Jair's picture.
  • Build the coat of arms trial: the Dreslin Coat of Arms must be built rather than Lord Jair's. A picture of the Dreslin Coat of Arms can be found in one of the books Del collects along the way.
  • Wall quiz trial: when one of the walls asks, "Who is the rightful king of Kal Torlin?", the answer is Nathor Dreslin instead of the commonly thought Lord Jair.


  • In the cemetery  where Aristolin is found, one of the other graves reveals a ghost who failed the trials. When talking to the ghost, he says that he feels the trials were rigged. It can be assumed that Nathor Dreslin is responsible for this.