Natsuki Venefskuja
Natsuki Venefskuja (Lux-Pain)
Natsuki Venefskuja's appearance in Lux-Pain
First game Lux-Pain
Species Human, Telepath
Voiced by (English) Monica Rial
Voiced by (Japanese) Miinori Chihara
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Natsuki Venefskuja is a main character in Lux-Pain. She is a 13 year old telepath, who is an agent of FORT. She uses her abilities to see Shinen, to help FORT agents locate people and Silent. She is in love with Atsuki Saijo.


Natsuki has a child-like personality. She likes to spend time outside, due to usually spending a lot of time inside while working for FORT.

She is also in love with Atsuki Saijo. She sometimes even refers to him as her husband while in public. She is also very protective of Atsuki, even staying up an entire night once watching him to make sure that he was not in danger. She likes Atsuki because he is a telepath, like her, and because, unlike other telepaths, Atsuki doesn't have a very cold personality.


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