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The Natural Killer Cyborg.

The Natural Killer Cyborg is a Chapter 8 boss in Mother 3. Its name is abbreviated as the "N.K. Cyborg". It resembles a giant pig with evil red eyes and a transparent dome at the top of its head containing a large brain. It is found blocking a door in the first room of the 100th floor of the Empire Porky Building, and in order to proceed into the halls ahead to the top of the building, it must be defeated.

Boss Battle

The boss has several attacks, a notable one being the End of the Century Beam which can be dangerous unless the party is well-protected. The boss has several thousand HP, so hard-hitting attacks are a must. Useful ones include:

  • PK Love Omega
  • PK Starstorm
  • PK Thunder Omega
  • PK Ground

If you've learned PK Ground by now, it will be your best weapon against the N.K. Cyborg. Two to three turns of using this attack along with other party members' attacks will have the boss beaten.

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