Nautilus Chase
Nautilus Chase
Game Donkey Kong Land
World Kremlantis
Terrain Coral
Animal Buddies None
Bonus levels 0
Notable features This is the only stage with Nemo in it.
Enemies encountered Fangfish, Nemo, Chomps Jr., Clambo

Nautilus Chase is the fifteenth level in the game Donkey Kong Land and the sixth level of the world Kremlantis.

This level is known to be the only level to feature Nemos which chase Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong around the level until reaching a small gap. Alongside Nemos, there are also Chomps which will try to bite the Kongs and Clambos which will shoot pearls at the Kongs. This level is considered to be one of the longest underwater levels in the game with three checkpoints and no Bonus Levels.