Nd Cube is a Nintendo subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan that was founded on March 1, 2000 by Nintendo and Dentsu. Today it is owned solely by Nintendo after the company purchased all of Dentsu's shares.


When it was founded on March 1, 2000, Nintendo 78% stock in the company while Dentsu (an advertising firm that Nintendo uses) had 13%. Its initial heads were two producers of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game F-Zero, Takehiro Izushi and Hitoshi Yamagami. Thus it comes to no surprise that their first game was F-Zero: Maximum Velocity on the Game Boy Advance. Very few of their games have reached America or Europe.

Years before their restructuring, Nd Cube developed a game for the company NEC Interchannel called Tube Slider that was described by numerous critics as an F-Zero clone, despite the founders of Nd Cube being the creators of the F-Zero franchise. In their review of the game, IGN mentioned how, despite the fact that Nd Cube developed F-Zero: Maximum Velocity on the Game Boy Advance, their new game was not on the same level as their previous outings. IGN even suggested that at one time, Tube Slider may have even been F-Zero, though no proof of this was given.

A couple of years after its conception, Nd Cube suddenly and unexpectedly quit developing video games, with many of the employees leaving the company for Sony. Nintendo decided against shutting the company down, and instead purchased the rest of the shares from Dentsu, making Nd Cube a Nintendo first party developer, even going as far as considering them a new R&D studio. After hiring several employees from Monegi, the joint venture between Nintendo and Hudson Soft that developed the Mario Party games, Nintendo announced that they were developing a title for the Wii which was later announced as Wii Party. During this time period Nintendo also expanded Nd Cube, creating new divisions throughout Japan in Tokyo and Sapporo. With their experience creating Wii Party, Nintendo later put the company to work on the Mario Party series, starting with Mario Party 9.

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