Neku Sakuraba
Neku Sakuraba's artwork from The World Ends with You
First game The World Ends with You
Voiced by (English) Jesse David Corti
Voiced by (Japanese) Uchiyama Kouki
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Neku Sakuraba is the main character of the Nintendo DS RPG The World Ends With You. He befriends Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, and Joshua. He never liked other people and believed in doing his own thing until he is thrown into the Reaper's Game where he learns to open up and make friends. Neku also has the ability to use almost every psych (used through pins) he comes across, compared to his partners who can only use one.


He is called "Phones" by many of the game's characters because he is constantly wearing large headphones, but he is also called "Orangelocks" because of his orange hair and "Nekky" by Nao.

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