Nene (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1)
Nene's Rank 1 sprite from Pokémon Conquest
Nene (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 2)
Nene's Rank 2 sprite from Pokémon Conquest
Series Pokémon
First game Pokémon Conquest
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Nene (JP) is a warlord in Pokémon Conquest. She is a ninja warlord who controls Viperia.


Rank Up

Nene ranks up when she reaches 70% link with a Golbat or a Crobat and the player has entered all of the poison type pokémon in Pokémon Conquest in their gallery.


Nene's episode is Teaching Them a Lesson. It is unlocked by completing the episode Happily Ever After.


  Main article: Nene (Pokémon Conquest)/gallery



  • Nene is one of the four ninja warlords, the others being Kotarō, Hanzō, and Kunoichi.
  • Nene is based off of the real-life Nene of Japanese history.

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