This is a check list of all poison type pokémon in Pokémon Conquest to help with ranking up Nene. It lists the pokémon's name, where it can be found wild, and what pokémon it evolves from if it can't be found and at what it evolves at.


Pokemon Locations
Zubat Ignis, Cragspur, Viperia, Avia, Nixtorm, Dragnor
Golbat Viperia, Avia
Crobat Evolve Golbat (Link 65%)
Venipede Chrysalia, Viperia, Dragnor
Whirlipede Chrysalia, Viperia
Scolipede Evolve Whirlipede (Speed 57)
Ekans Cragspur, Viperia, Valora, Dragnor
Arbok Viperia
Croagunk Viperia (Swarm)
Toxicroak Evolve Croagunk (Attack 81)
Gastly Viperia, Avia, Spectra, Nixtorm
Haunter Viperia, Spectra
Gengar Evolve Haunter (Link 60%)
Skorupi Chrysalia, Viperia, Avia
Drapion Viperia, Yaksha
Beedrill Chrysalia, Viperia

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