Neo is one of the playable characters in the Famicom video game Joy Mecha Fight. The character has two orange orbs hovering above his head. For the most part Neo is green. His Multi Kick move is thought to be based off of Chun Li's similar attack. He was one of the robots that Little Ermin built and Ivan Warner stole. Little Ermin programmed his robot Sukapon to take down Neo and numerous other robots that Warner reprogrammed to cause destruction.


  • Punch: 6Pow
  • Kick: 4Pow
  • Jump Kick: 8Pow
  • Good Punch: 10Pow
  • Jump punch: 8Pow
  • Leg Sweep: 8Pow
  • Wave Shot: 10Pow
  • Neo Upper: 16pow
  • Neo Suplex: 12Pow
  • Multi Kick: 8Pow

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