Neo Bowser City
Neo Bowser City - Overview
The overview of Neo Bowser City.
Series Mario Kart
First game Mario Kart 7
Creator Retro Studios

Neo Bowser City, (called Koopa City in Europe), is the third track of the Star Cup appearing in Mario Kart 7. Unlike other city courses, the course takes place on elevated roads, not on the ground.

Description & layout:

Neo Bowser City is a massive, rainy, monster-like but beautiful (the weather is boring) city. It is the only track to track place in the rain except Mario Kart: Super Circuit's Luigi Circuit. There are several tunnels, barriers, skyscrapers. It is definitely belonged to Bowser. At the start, the driver go forward while avoiding the black skyscraper. Then he or she turn left into green tunnel with harmless smoke (smoke will not harm you). Note there is a shortcut. Then the driver turn left on the straight, tilted road next to the skyscraper. Then he or she turn right into the red tunnel with invisible window, greyish-green road & peppermint pale-green/dark magenta barrier. After exiting the tunnel, drivers go left, right and left, right due to the bend. This can be dangerous because of guardrails are not here, so be careful or the victim will fall into the great pit of angry magma called lava. After facing the great danger, there is a very small, short red tunnel which will lead drivers drift on the extended, left curve. Above the curve is a dark, horizontal pillars similar to that of the ones above the curve except with neon lights and no Bowser mascot. Also, there is a puddle which will make drivers suffer dizziness and spin. After exiting the curve, there is a gliding pad with blue bricks, Koopa Clown and shortcut. In the background, there is several, dark mushroom-like or blunt mountain-like skyscrapers decorated in neon lights. Then head to finish.


  1. Inside the green tunnel with smoke, there is a blue grass shortcut. Requires appropriate item.
  2. Just before the finish, there is a shortcut with an angry Koopa Clown. This increases your speed, but can trick driver falling off the track.

What is 'Koopa'?:

Many players and peoples got confused with the word 'Koopa'. They think it belongs to Koopa Troopa because of the name 'Koopa'. This is false. The only truth is the word 'Koopa' means another word for Bowser in some languages. For example, in Japanese, this language uses American name (Neo Bowser City), but the word 'Bowser' is replaced by Koopa, telling peoples that the word 'Koopa' is another name for Bowser in very few languages.

Names in another languages:

  1. Japanese: Neo Kuppa Shiti (Neo Koopa City)
  2. British: Koopa City
  3. Spanish: Ciudad Koopa (Koopa City)
  4. French: Koopapolis (Koopapolis)
  5. Dutch: Bowser City (Bowser City)
  6. German: Koopagrossstadtfieber (Koopa Big City Fever)
  7. Italian: Koopa City (Koopa City)
  8. Portuguese: Cidade do Koopa (Koopa's City)
  9. Russian: Gorod Kupy (Koopa City)
  10. American: Neo Bowser City

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