New Super Mario Bros. (JP) is a series of 2.5D side-scrolling platform games developed and published by Nintendo resembling to the classic games for the NES and the SNES.

Each New Super Mario Bros. game is almost identical in terms of gameplay, but with newly added enemies, power-ups, and returning enemies.

List of Games


New Super Mario Bros. games are a new take on classic side-scrolling Mario games.

New power-ups, like the Mega Mushroom, introduce new types of gameplay. In the New Super Mario Bros. games for Wii and Wii U, there can be up to four to five players (four on Wii, two on 3DS, and five on Wii U).


  • Out of the games of these series, only New Super Mario Bros. has featured mini-games (as most of them are from Super Mario 64 DS).

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