These are credits from New Super Mario Bros. U.





Game Design

Level Design

Level Design Adviser

Lead Design

Character Design

Field Design

World Map Design

UI Design

Visual Effect Design

Design Adviser

Programming Director

System Programming

Player Programming

Cinematic Programming

Field System Programming

Enemy & Object Programming

World Map Programming

UI Programming

Sound Engineering


Sound Adviser

General Coordination

Cinematic Director

Cinematic Design

Character Supervisors

Technical Support

NOA Localization Management

NOA Localization

NOE Localisation Management

NOE Localisation


Special Thanks to

General Producer

Executive Producer

Nintendo is the author of this software for the purpose of the copyright. All rights reserved.

© 2012 Nintendo.

Developed by


Published by


New Super Mario Bros U (NA)



The game credits' interactivity is very similar to that of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Players can jump around collecting coins. If players come in contact with the letters, it will spin around for a short time. In the background, Princess Peach's castle and a red mushroom house can be seen. Floating red Baby Yoshis may be seen in the background. The credits and its interactivity take place in a traditional grassy Super Mario series area near Peach's castle.

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