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Newmoon Island
Newmoon Island as seen in Diamond and Pearl.
Series Pokémon
First game Diamond and Pearl (2006)
Creator Game Freak

Newmoon Island is located in the Sinnoh region. To get there, the player needs to enter the locked house in the north-east corner in Canalave City by using a Member Card. There is guy who tells the player to go to sleep. Apparently the guy is Darkrai because as soon as they fall asleep, they are taken via nightmare to Newmoon Island. Towards the center of the island is Darkrai. It can take a pretty big toll on the player's Pokémon. If the player catches it or defeats it, he/she will wake up from the nightmare. Surprisingly even though it was a dream and the player catches Darkrai, it is still on their belt.


Name Location Version
PKMN491 Darkrai Nintendo Event 00Check 00Check 00Check
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