Nintendo Channel
Nintendo channel

The Nintendo Channel.

The Nintendo Channel is one of many different channels for the Wii video game console. It can be downloaded for free through the Wii Shop Channel. In this channel, players can view information on Wii and Nintendo DS video games, view trailers for particular titles, and even download demos for the Nintendo DS. Occasionally an interview will be added, such as the one featuring famed video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto explaining the aspects of the Wii video game Wii Fit and a Nintendo Week episode.

There then was an update available for the Nintendo Channel. This update made the design look better and made it easier to use. You were given the choice to view videos in HD (if your Internet speed is quick) or in standard version. If you chose HD and your Internet speed was not quick, it would slow down the video. Before the update, you could only recommend Wii titles, but now you were able to recommend DS games via DS Download Play. After the update, the Nintendo Channel created a series call Nintendo Week, which was hosted by Gary and Alison and would speak about what's new in Nintendo.

DS Download Service

Prior to the release of the Nintendo Channel, players could only download DS Demos through stationed placed inside of stores selling Nintendo products. If you or a friend owns a Nintendo DS, you're now allowed to play the demos at home through this new service. Games featured at launch included -

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