Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS MKDS
Nintendo DS as it appears in Mario Kart DS.
Series Mario Kart series
First game Mario Kart DS
Creator Nintendo EAD

Nintendo DS is a battle course found in Mario Kart DS. Designed to look like the original Nintendo DS system, the arena is simply two connected platforms, with one, the "bottom screen" flat, and one, the "top screen" slanted. The "screens" are not known to change images. While Mario and his friends battled atop the course, the screens were decorated with a screenshot of Mario Kart DS's first title screen. While not quite as curved as a real Nintendo DS, the arena is a very accurate representation, going so far as to include details such as the microphone and speakers.


Mario Kart DS

Nintendo DS (Mario Kart) looks like a normal Nintendo DS floating in the galaxy. It is polar-white with black A,B,X and Y buttons and even Control Pad! This console shows about Mario Kart DS main menu. In the bottom screen, you'll see nothing but just pale blue. On the top screen, it shows Mario smiling in his Standard MR just like you see him when you playing this game in your Nintendo DS. If you landed on the button, nothing will change on the DS. There are only few item boxes. This stage is lethal to lightweight karts because they can easily get knocked out into the bottomless galaxy void. But this stage is little bit safe to mediumweight and it is highly safe to heavyweights. I recommend that you should use heavyweight like Bowser. You can also use Peach's Royale or DK's Rambi Rider kart.

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