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Nintendo Labo - Illustration - Variety Kit 01
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
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Nintendo Labo is an application aimed for kids for the Nintendo Switch that released on April 20th, 2018. The user constructs the cardboard toys that slot in the console and Nintendo Switch to become interactive toys. Users can buy the cardboard setup in packs call Toy-Cons.


Nintendo Labo - Illustration 01


Each Toy-Con comes with instructions on how to construct the toys using the Switch Screen which displays what the user needs to do step-by-step with rotatable 3D models. The simple ones can be done very quickly those the complex ones like the piano may require hours to finish. After completing the Toy-Con, the Joy-Con and Switch are slotted in. The toys can be customized with stencils and stickers. An official customization kit with Nintendo-themed stickers, tape and stencils.


The various Toy-Cons interact using the Joy-Cons' HD Rumble, IR Camera and other features as well as the Switch's touchscreen. A large part of these Toy-Cons is discovering what the user can do with them. Many builds come with extras that can add to the experience.

The game also has a discover mode where the user can learn more about the Toy-Cons and meet three characters that help the user learn: Professor Gerry, Lerna Lotte and Plaise Allatyme.


List of Toy-Cons

The game launched with two kits:

  • Variety Kit - which includes a piano, fishing rod, a house, a set of bike handlebars and a RC Car
    • The RC Car uses the vibrations from the Joy-Con to move along a flat surface by vibrating the tilted legs on the bottom. The user can have battles with other people by trying to knock over their car with other friends. Each RC Car takes two Joy-Cons.
    • The Fishing Rod can be used to create a virtual fishing experience with the user's Nintendo Switch console being the water, with a string going from the fishing rod to the "ocean". Various fish can be cought, ranging from mackerel to sharks to crabs. The user can also create their own fish in the Aquarium using the Toy-Con Piano.
    • The House is a closed box that uses the Joy-Con (R)'s IR Motion Camera to track moving marker stickers inside the House. There is a cute creature living inside the house that reacts to the items the user places in the House using the contraptions they can stick into the sides of the walls. Three different contraptions containing a crank, button and knob can be used in different combinations to unlock certain rooms.
    • The Motorcycle has a steering wheel that the user can use to steer around a track, using the motion controls of the Joy-Cons. The user can also race other cycles on the track. They can even make their own tracks to race on.
    • The Piano is also a closed box where marker stickers move under the keys seen by the IR Motion Camera allowing the key to be seen. It is also possible to compose your own songs within the Studio.
  • Robot Kit - which includes a headpiece and a robot pack that attach to the Joy-Cons.

Later in 2018, Nintendo announced a third Labo Kit, known as the Vehicle Kit.

  • Vehicle Kit - Includes a steering wheel, as well as two other vehicle-related Toy-Cons.


On January 17, 2018 Nintendo announced that a "new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch" would be shown later in the day. Later this day, Nintendo posted a video on their official site and Youtube channel showing the core concept of "Nintendo Labo" and the release date: April 20, 2018.


First Look at Nintendo Labo

First Look at Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo - Make, Play, & Discover

Nintendo Labo - Make, Play, & Discover

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The Toy Con kits 1 and 2 reached 1.39 million sales by June 2018 after two months on the market.

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