Nintendo Power V270 is the August 2011 issue of Nintendo Power.


Nester Fan

Superheros Missing

To arms ye Megaman

Ninjas are Blue

Zelda English


Zelda Fan

Special Letter Request: What type of game would you like to see Mario star in he hasn't tried yet


Power Glove

Mario Kart 7: Flying

Wii U: Increaser Developer Support


Slippy: Yes

Kirby Mass Attack



Power Up

Pokemon Rumble Blast

A Winner Is Racing Sonic

Dodongo Dislikes The endless line for e3

Star Power: Nights

Power Quiz

What is the bonus course in Mario Kart series

What was the first game to feature WIFI connection

What object causes you to spin in Mario Kart

Answers: Rainbow Road, Mario Kart DS, The Feather

5 years ago

Star Fox Assualt

10 years ago

Metroid Prime

20 years ago

Megaman x


Western Feel

Evaluation Stadium: Bit Trip 2, Mdk2,Bomberman Hero,Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Megaman Dr Wilys Revenge, Tennis, Snoopy Tennis, Catrap,Links Awakening DX,Four Swords Anniversary,Donkey Kong


Rayman Origins

Sonic Generations

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Pacman Party

Resident Evil Reveluations



Star Fox 64 3D

SNES Anniversary

Shinobi 3D


Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins


Captain America: Super Soldier

Rayman Origins

Shield Pose

Back to the Future

Thor God of Thunder


Peach, Samus, Daisy

Next Month

Chris Redfield, star of the Mature rated games we will take a look at his 3D adventures and another star studded anniversary

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