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Nintendo Software Planning and Development is a structure within Nintendo that consists of four separate teams that oversees the development of primary Nintendo franchises not being made by Nintendo themselves and also creates games as well. The fourth team works primarily on Wii Channels. They were created in 2004. As of 2011, they were all under the leadership of Shinya Takahashi as the General Manager. The managers for the teams are as follows:

In 2011, Yoshio Sakamoto was promoted to Deputy General Manager of Software Planning and Development Department, his successor as head of SPD1 is currently unknown.  

In 2013, Yoshio Sakamoto and his development team at SPD 1 were integrated into an internal development group in EAD, with SPD 2 now becoming SPD1. 

In 2015, they were integrated with Nintendo EAD to form the Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development Division. It is currently unknown how the leadership is structured currently aside from Shinya Takahashi being the big boss. 

Games developed

Games co-developed

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