Nintendo Software Planning and Development Production Group 2 is one of the four factions of Nintendo Software Planning and Development. The group absorbed many of the employees who worked at Nintendo R&D1 (fellow coworker Yoshio Sakamoto went on to head Nintendo SPD1). SPD2 is known for developing and assisting with development on many of Nintendo's puzzle and brain games. They also helped TOSE develop Super Princess Peach. Nintendo SPD2 frequently assists Arika with their Nintendo published games.

The group is also primarily responsible for working with third party developers to develop their games up to Nintendo's standards. SPD2 has worked with companies such as Mistwalker, Ganbarrion, Tecmo Koei Games, syn Sophia and many others. SPD2 is also responsible for overseeing the Xenoblade, Fire Emblem and Pokemon (series) franchises for Nintendo.

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