The Nintendo World Championships 1990 Game Pak was a game used exclusively at the Nintendo World Championships 1990. While originally not intended to be given away, the competitors (and others) were eventually given the Game Paks they used in the competition (90 were made). In addition, a contest was held by Nintendo Power to give away 26 gold copies. The Game Pak combined Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris to be used in competition.


The length of each game was officially played over the course of 6 minutes 21 seconds. With each mini-game (Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, Tetris), once one was passed the player could move onto the next one, until the final stage, Tetris, in which the player would run out the timer and attempt to rack up the highest scored.

  • Super Mario Bros. - The player must collect 50 coins
  • Rad Racer - The player must complete a special Nintendo World Championships course
  • Tetris - The player must amass the highest score in a Tetris marathon

In Super Mario Bros. and Rad Racer, it would be impossible to lose (with either the counter or lives set to infinite). Losing Tetris, however, would end the game.


Due to its fame and scarcity, the Nintendo World Championships 1990 Game Paks are especially prized by collectors, and demand a high price. The gold copies in particular are some of the most valuable video games.

Condition is also an issue with these cartridges, with very few being in mint condition. This is in part due to the cheap glue used in the adhesion of the labels. Time has showed that this will cause the label to peel over time, even without normal use.

In 2008, Retrozone made replicas of the cartridge for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System due to the fact that emulators of the game tended not to be very accurate in timing of the games. The game comes in a distinctive clear cobalt blue shell without switches to prevent it from being confused for a official cart.

Verified Copies

No. Original Owner Current Owner Picture
0055 Randy Napier Randy Napier as of 3/22/12 NWC90 0055
0061 Colleen Cardas ???? NWC90 0061
0083 ???? Nick Morgan[1] NWC90 0083
0087 Mike Iarossi ???? NWC90 0087
0090 Jason Brandos Eddy Yuja NWC90 0090
0095 ???? Jason Wilson NWC90 0095
0103 Robin Mihara John Tani as of April 2009 NWC90 0103
0105 Shannon Webster Nicola Ferrarese NWC90 0105
0119 ???? ???? NWC90 0119
0132 ???? ???? 75px
0136 ???? Dain Anderson NWC90 0136
0137 Ben Smith Tod Curtis as of 10/16/2005 NWC90 0137
0156 ???? ???? NWC90 0156
0163 ???? ???? NWC90 0163
0166 Justin Grant Justin Grant NWC90 0166
0168 ???? Scott Ross NWC90 0168
0183 Chris Tang ???? NWC90 0183
0196 ???? ???? NWC90 0196
0215 ???? Portnoyd NWC90 0215
0227 Rich Ambler ???? NWC90 0227
0240 ???? ???? NWC90 0240
0250 ???? ???? NWC90 0250
0260 Dustin Durham Steve Lin NWC90 0260
0265 ???? Michael Swanson NWC90 0265

Anonymous ex-NOA employee

who used Ben Smith as a middleman

Rob Budrick NWC90 0273
0280 ???? ???? 75px
0283 Shamus Bowker ???? NWC90 0283
0305 Steve Gingerich Rob Fischer NWC90 0305
0311 ???? ???? NWC90 0311

Brad Russo (received from his

Dad, Arthur "Torch" Russo, an NWC staffer)

???? NWC90 0325
0330 ???? ???? NWC90 0330
0343 Ben Smith ???? NWC90 0343
0346 Robert Whiteman Robert Whiteman NWC90 0346
0??? ???? Muresan (aka Stephen) NWC90 Unknown1
0??? Steve Factor Undecided[2] NWC90 Unknown2