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Number Crunchers is a (Mic) minigame on Mario Party 7. Three players stand on different platforms labeled with
Mario Party 7 - Number Crunchers01:09

Mario Party 7 - Number Crunchers

different numbers while a Thwomp hovers over each one. The other player holds the Microphone and must speak commands into it in order for him or her to win. In order for the player holding the Microphone to win, he/she must cause the Thwomps to crush down on the other players by saying into the Microphone the number that's labeled on the platform of that player you are attempting to crush. If all three players are crushed before the timer runs out, then the player with the Microphone wins. But, if at least on of the three players evading the Thwomps is still standing by the time the timer runs out, then he/she and the rest of the team of three wins.


For player holding the Microphone: Say "One" to drop Thwomps on the platforms labeled 1. Say "Two" to drop Thwomps on the platforms labeled 2. Say "Three" to drop Thwomps on the platforms labeled 3. Say "Square" to drop Thwomps in a square formation. Say "Circle" to drop Thwomps in a circular formation.

For team of three: Use the Control Stick (a.k.a. Right Thumb Stick) to control your character and the A button to jump.

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