Ocean Software (1984 - 1998) was a British video game company. The company was bought by Infogrames in 1996 and then rebranded as Infogrames UK, then as Atari UK and is now a part of Atari.

Games released by Ocean Software

Title Format Release Date Source
90 Minutes: European Prime GoalSNES19951995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Addams Family ValuesSNES1993-03March 1996Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Alien Olympics 2044 ADGB19921992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Bad DudesNES19901990Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Caesars PalaceGB19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Choplifter IIISNES1994-08August 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Choplifter IIIGB19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
ClayFighterSNES1994-05May 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Cool WorldNES1993-06June 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Cool WorldSNES1993-12February 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Cool WorldGB1993-06June 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
DarkmanNES1991-10October 1991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
DarkmanGB1992-12December 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Dennis the MenaceSNES1993-12December 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Dennis the MenaceGB1994-02February 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfGB1995-02February 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
DoomSNES1995-10October 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Eek! The CatSNES1994-08August 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
F1 ROC: Race of ChampionsSNES1993-04April 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Fighters DestinyN641998-01January 1998Site GameFAQs [LINK]
GT 64: Championship EditionN641998-08August 1998Site GameFAQs [LINK]
HookNES19921992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
HookGB1992-04April 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Hudson HawkNES1991001991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Hudson HawkGB1992-03March 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jelly BoySNES19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jelly BoyGB19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jurassic ParkNES1993June 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jurassic ParkSNES1993-11November 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jurassic ParkGB1993-08August 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos ContinuesSNES1994-11November 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos ContinuesGB1994-12December 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Jungle StrikeGB1995-06June 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Kingdom CrusadeGB19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Kiwi KrazeNES19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Lethal WeaponNES1993-04April 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Lethal WeaponSNES1992-12December 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Lethal WeaponGB1993-04April 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
LemmingsNES1992-11November 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
LemmingsGB19931993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
M.C. KidsNES19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Manchester United SoccerSNES19951995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy CitySNES19951995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Micro MachinesSNES1994-12December 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Micro MachinesGB1995-01January 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Micro Machines 2GB19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Micro Machines 2: Turbo TournamentSNES1996-02February 1996Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mighty MaxSNES1995-02February 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mr. Do!GB1992-11November 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mr. NutzSNES1994-08August 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mr. NutzGB19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Mission: ImpossibleN641998-07July 1998Site GameFAQs [LINK]
MRC: Multi-Racing ChampionshipN641997-08August 1997Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Navy SealsGB1991-09September 1991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands IINES19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands IIGB19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
PlatoonNES1988-12December 1988Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Pocky & Rocky 2SNES19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Push-OverSNES1992-12December 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Putty SquadSNES19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Rainbow Islands: Bubble Bobble 2NES19911991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Ranma ½: Hard BattleSNES19931993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Road RashGB1996-10October 1996Site GameFAQs [LINK]
RoboCopNES1989-12December 1989Site GameFAQs [LINK]
RoboCopGB1990-12December 1990Site GameFAQs [LINK]
RoboCop 2NES1991-04April 1991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
RoboCop 2GB1991-11November 1991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
RoboCop 3NES1992-08August 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
RoboCop 3SNES1992-09September 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Shaq-FuSNES19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Spot: The Cool AdventureGB19921992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Super HunchbackGB1992-04April 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Super James PondSNES19931993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Super James PondGB19921992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Super Turrican 2SNES1995-11November 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
SyndicateSNES1995-12December 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Addams FamilyNES1992-04April 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Addams FamilySNES1992-03March 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Addams FamilyGB1992-01January 1992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntNES1993-08August 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntSNES1993-02February 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntGB1993-07July 1993Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Adventures of Kid KleetsSNES1994-08August 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The FlintstonesSNES1995-02February 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Flintstones: The MovieGB1994-12December 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The Legend of Prince ValiantNES19921992Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The ShadowSNES19941994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The UntouchablesNES1991-01January 1991Site GameFAQs [LINK]
The UntouchablesSNES1994-08August 1994Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Theme ParkSNES1996-11November 1996Site GameFAQs [LINK]
V-Rally Championship EditionGB19981998Site GameFAQs [LINK]
WaterworldSNES19951995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
WaterworldVBOY1995-12December 1995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
WeaponLordSNES19951995Site GameFAQs [LINK]
WetrixN641998-06June 1998Site GameFAQs [LINK]
WormsSNES1996-09September 1996Site GameFAQs [LINK]
WormsGB19951995Site GameFAQs [LINK]