Series Mario series
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Species Goomba
Subspecies Green

Octoombas are an Octorock-like alien sub-species of Goomba in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It was the sequel that revealed the enemy's name. They have the same basic shape as a Goomba, but resembles, as its name would suggest, an octopus. The Octoomba comes in three colors: blue, green, and red. The blue is the most basic, since it appears the most and only side-steps in a small area. In Super Mario Galaxy, Octoombas used their antennae to try to swat Mario or Luigi away. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, however, it can shoot rocks whenever Mario or Luigi passes by. The green Octoombas called Elite Octoombas are like the blue Octoombas, except they shoot 2 rocks in a row. The red Octoomba though is the most threatening Octoomba enemy due to it reacting quickly. The red Octoombas, also called Octoguys will pursue Mario or Luigi. They will also try to run away to dodge Mario and Luigi's attacks when they get close to them, unlike both the Elite and regular Octoombas, making it more difficult. However after a short time, an Octoguy will stop running to catch its breath to make it easier for the player. Both of them will shoot rocks towards Mario/Luigi from its octopus-like snout as an attack. Instead of replacing Goombas in the game, like the Strollin' Stu did in Super Mario Sunshine, the Octoomba fights alongside the Goomba instead of taking its place.