Ogura is the main antagonist in The Legendary Starfy video game series. He first appeared in the first game in the series, where he was released from captivity after Starfy accidentally dropped the jar that contained him while rearranging his house. The character then caused havoc around the Tenkai Palace, and Stafy fell into the ocean below. He returned later on to battle the fiend, and eventually sealed him back into the jar.

While trying to create a way to once again exit the jar, he generated ten children that were capable of escaping. Once they did so, they caused a large storm that was so powerful, it thrust Ogura's jar into the ocean which in turn released him. After Ogura kidnaped Starfy's mother, he flew back into the ocean. Starfy attempted to save her during that time, but wasn't able to. However, near the end of the game (Densetsu no Stafy 2), Starfy once again sealed him back into the jar.

He aparently has mystical powers,this is because during the final batle in both densetsu no stafy 2 and densetsu no stafy 3 he turns into a powerful monster called ultamate ogura.

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