The Oh-So-Snake is a boss from the GBA game Mother 3. It serves as the last boss of Chapter 2. During said chapter, after Duster, Kumatora, and Wess discover the Hummingbird Egg in Osohe Castle, a trap first planted by Wess, accidentall activated by Kumatora, causes them to fall into the castle moat where the Oh-So-Snake attacks them. The snake can make a wave attack able to damage all the party members, and is weak to thunder, but strong to ice and fire. It appears to have been guarding the egg for some time as the place where it appers contains bones and skeletons in the middle of the water. Its name is a pun on "Osohe", the name of the castle where it is found.

(+) Max HP: 1237 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 82 [1] - Defense: 28 [40] - IQ: 16 [16] - Speed: 23 [1] - Exp.: 568 - Money: 0 DP - No chance of getting an item

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