Oil Crisis is a (Mic) minigame in Mario Party 7. The concept for this game is to keep your kart running till you reach
Mario Party 7 - Oil Crisis02:31

Mario Party 7 - Oil Crisis

the finish line. To keep your kart from running out of fuel you must drive into the oil barrels standing around the track. There is only one kind of roadblock and those are the puddles of oil that are laying around the track. Running over them causes you to slow down tremendously until you are past it. To win this game you must either reach the finish line or have driven farther than the other three players. To start your turn you must say into the Microphone "Yes", to go to left say "Left", to go right say "Right", and to give yourself a boost of speed, say "Mushroom". The "Mushroom command can only be used once so Toadsworth advises you to use it carefully.

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