Olaf as seen in The Lost Vikings title screen
Series The Lost Vikings,
Rock 'N Roll Racing
First game The Lost Vikings
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Olaf, also known as Olaf the Stout, is a character from The Lost Vikings and The Lost Vikings 2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

He travels on adventures with his fellow vikings and battles strange creatures from different worlds.


Olaf is equipped with a large shield. While his most notable ability is defense, he can also use his shield as a hang glider to slowly float down great distances or as a platform for Erik to jump on. In The Lost Vikings 2, he can use his gas to give him a jumping boost or to break the floor underneath him.

Thanks to the security robot's parts that he stole at the start of The Lost Vikings 2, Olaf gains the ability to shrink allowing him to fit into small spaces that the other vikings can't.

Other Appearances

His main appearances are in the the two Lost Vikings games, but Olaf is also an unlockable racer in Rock 'N Roll Racing.

He also makes cameo appearances in various other games such as Blackthorne and World of Warcraft.