Picture of Ooccoo in game graphic designs and a drawing.

Ooccoo is a most unusual "chicken-like" creature found in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in the Zelda series. Link, the protagonist of the series, finds this strange "chicken-like" creature in a pot in each temple except for the City In The Sky Temple where he finds her inside of The City In The Sky shop. Ooccoo's species is called the Oocca, which Link is told by Shad, a scholar who enjoys studying the heavens. According to Shad, the Oocca are the closest beings to Gods. By the Ooccas' appearance, it seems as if they have a humanoid-like head, what seems like breasts, and a chicken body. Ooccoo and her son (the flying head) have the ability to warp Link out of Temples, she soon mysteriously disappears after Link defeats each Temple boss. Ooccoo's appearance is thought by most game players as "Strange" "Disturbing" "Just Plain Weird" "Awkward" and "Feminine". Ooccoo refers to Link as an "Adventurer" due to his travel to each temple.

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