The headquarters for Orbital Media.

Orbital Media is a developer and publisher of handheld video games. They were founded in 2003 and their debut title, Racing Gears Advance for the Game Boy Advance received high praise from video game critics. As of now, it's unknown if the company is still developing any video games as we've heard nothing from them in well over 3 years.

Games released by Orbital Media

Title Format Release Date Source
Juka and the Monophonic MenaceGBA2006-10October 2006Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Racing Gears AdvanceGBA2005-02February 2005Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Scurge: HiveGBA2006-10October 2006Site GameFAQs [LINK]
Scurge: HiveDS2006-11November 2006Site GameFAQs [LINK]