The oriental butterflyfish (chaetodon auripes) is a fish featured in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. In the game there are only adults and can be found either alone or in small shoals. They are found throughout Manoa Lai all year long.

Official description

The following is from the European version.

"A narrow fish with an oval-shaped body, protruding snout and a length of 20cm. A yellow body with black and white vertical lines over its eyes.

There are numerous dark stripes on the side of its body. During infancy it has a pattern like that of a round eye which disappears as it matures.

Most other members of the Chaetodontidae family like to dwell in southern coral reefs, where water temperatures exceed 20 C, but this fish is known to venture to the far north regions and tolerate temperatures as low as 12 C."

Other languages

  • French - Poisson-papillon doré
  • German - Japanischer Halsband-Falterfisch
  • Spanish - Mariposa dorado
  • Italian - Pesce farfalla dorato