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Overdrive Ostrich

Overdrive Ostrich (or Sonic Ostreague in Japanese) is a boss and an ostrich-based Maverick in Mega Man X2. Before confronting Overdrive, X manages to destroy the missile just as it launches.


In all games where he appeared, Overdrive Ostrich will squawk and charge at Mega Man X where he's standing, so it's best to use Crystal Hunter at him. Later, Ostrich will freeze in the air, creating a rain of Sonic Slicers. Ostrich will jump in the and kick X like ostriches do jump in real life, so Overdrive will stop or run offscreen, so X has to keep an eye on him when he's running in the background. Ostrich will also fire a Sonic Slicer at X where he's standing on. Ostrich will then repeat again.

Other media

Overdrive Ostrich appears in the books, Rockman X and Rockman X Mega Mission 2.


  • Overdrive Ostrich is the first boss in the X series to have a background in the battle with him.
  • Overdrive Ostrich is one of the only Mavericks designed to resemble flightless birds. The other is Chill Penguin.

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