Overlook Hotel
Screenshot of Hotel exterior
First game Red Steel

Overlook Hotel is a location in Red Steel. It's in Los Angeles, California and is the first location the player visits.


Scott Monroe is engaged to Miyu Sato. They are supposed to meet Miyu's father, Isao Sato, at the Overlook Hotel in Los Angeles so Scott can finally meet his future father-in-law.

But before the meeting actually takes place, a gang of thugs disguised as hotel staff attack them. Scott, having been knocked unconscious, awakens to find Miyu and her father gone.

Scott and some of Sato's men head for the rooftop where a helicopter is waiting to get them to safety. When he reaches the roof, Scott finds Sato injured. He explains that Miyu was escorted safely to his personal suite and they must meet up with her there.

Along the way, they find a sword. Sato gives Scott a crash-course lesson in sword fighting. Because of all the sword-wielding enemies they come across, Sato figures they are being attacked by members of the Yakuza, a Japanese crime syndicate.

Upon reaching the suite, they are greeted by Sato's friend Ryuichi who was keeping Miyu safe. They fight their way to the lower levels of the garage under the Hotel to make their escape. But when they get there, Ryuichi turns on them and attempts to kidnap Sato and Miyu. Scott manages to stop one car and rescue Sato, but Ryuichi is able to escape with Miyu.

Scott then leaves the Hotel with Sato to head to a safer place.