Lucas performing PSI Magnet in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

PSI Magnet (JP) (also known as Psychic-Magnet in Super Smash Bros.) is a PSI from all three EarthBound games. It drains Psychic Points from one enemy or multiple enemies. However in EarthBound, PSI Magnet only works if the enemy uses PSI and has remaining PP left.

EarthBound series

EarthBound Beginnings

User: PP Cost: Target: Effect: Description:
Ana 0 One Enemy Drains 10 PP from the enemy. May fail. Drain and receive 10 PP from an enemy who uses PSI.


Level: User: PP Cost: Target: Effect: Description:
α Paula, Poo 0 To one enemy N/A Grabs 2-8 points of PP from one enemy and adds it to your own.
Ω Paula, Poo 0 To all enemies N/A Grabs 2-8 points of PP from each enemy and adds it to your own.

Mother 3

Level: User: PP Cost: Target: Effect: Description:
α Kumatora (Lv.27) 0 To one enemy Drains PP from the enemy. Drains approximately 2-8 PP from one enemy.
Ω Kumatora (Lv.45) 0 To all enemies Drains PP from the enemy. Drains approximately 2-8 PP from all enemies.

Super Smash Bros.

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Ness and and Lucas ha have it as their down special move. It absorbs a foe's energy based projectile attack and uses it to restore damage.


When a projectile is absorbed, if the player taps the control stick or control pad (depending on controller) in a direction, Ness and Lucas will either roll in that direction, sidestep, or jump without having to release the attack first.

In the original Super Smash Bros., CPUs level 5 and above rarely use the Fire Flower against Ness because he can absorb the fire with PSI Magnet, instead throwing the Fire Flower at him. This also applies to Fox, as he can deflect the fire with his Reflector.

The attack can be put to incredible use on the Corneria stage, by absorbing the Great Fox's lasers. However, if Ness or Lucas touch the cannons while they are "charging", it's almost guaranteed to KO them. Only the actual laser shots can be absorbed.


With Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, each special gets two alternate forms. Ness gets these:

PSI Vacuum

PSI Vacuum draws in opponents with a wind box and then makes an explosion. It won't absorb projectiles and the user is left open to attacks.


  • Can pull in multiple opponents to deal damage


  • Cannot absorb energy-projectiles
  • Using it off-stage could assist an opponent's recovery
  • Has a short range of effect
  • Left open to attacks

Forward PSI Magnet

Forward PSI Magnet is essentially identical to Lucas's PSI Magnet. Ness puts the move in front of him but he can easily turn. After absorbing and released, it has a hitbox which can launch foes and possibly KO opponents hit by this with its decent knockback. This move has more healing power.


  • More healing power (works the same in Stamina Mode)
  • Can K.O opponents off-stage if timed correctly
  • Deals damage when vanishing


  • The field only appears only in front

PSI Magnet Absorption List

Here is a list of projectiles that can be absorbed by PSI Magnet.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U


  • The color of Ness' PSI Magnet has changed throughout the series, being green in Super Smash Bros., blue in Melee, indigo in Brawl, and back to blue in 3DS/Wii U.
  • PSI Magnet is the only special move that Ness and Lucas do not shout out.
  • PSI Magnet is Ness and Lucas' only special move whose name does not begin with "PK".
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Ness' PSI Magnet is visually slightly larger than Lucas', but in terms of absorption radius, they are the same size.
  • PSI Magnet is the only PSI move that costs no PP, as it is used for draining of such.

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