Pal Pills 2
Pal Pills are items in Super Paper Mario for Wii. These little guys can only be found inside ? Blocks. These 8-bit mini army of 8 will protect you by walking around you. If contacted with an enemy, the one will die and damage the enemy. These guys will mimic the controler's movement untill death. The pal pills will stay the 8-bit form of the person who got them. If you manage to keep a pal pill alive after a boss, the pal pill will dance when you get a Pure Heart. You can see all 8 if Mario goes 3D. They will make the classic Mario jumping noise in 2D. If you use the pixl Dashell, the pal pills can keep up with you, so it must effect them too. If the pal pill jumps on the enemy, they won't recieve damage, only the enemy will.

Ways Pal Pills can die

Pal Pills can die in a few ways:

  1. Hitting a enemy, or an enemy attack.
  2. Falling off a cliff.
  3. If Dimentio brings you to Dimension D and you have Pal Pills, they disappear after the battle.
  4. If you go to fast and leave the area they will disappear, they will come if they are near the door or pipe.
  5. They will die if they touch quicksand, there is no way to save them when they touch it.
  6. If you get a Mega Star all the Pal Pills will disappear.
  7. If you complete the chapter with pal pills following you, all the Pal Pills will disappear.
  8. If you use the Return Pipe, the Pal Pills won't go to Flipside or Flopside with you.
  9. Pal pills can't swim. They die in water.
  10. Pal pills die from spikes


  • Chapter 1-1 (2 pairs)
  • Chapter 1-3
  • Chapter 2-1
  • Chapter 3-1
  • Chapter 4-2
  • Chapter 5-2 (2 pairs)
  • Chapter 5-3
  • Chapter 5-4 (2 pairs)
  • Chapter 7-4
  • Chapter 8-3


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