A Paladin is a popular class or job in many RPG video games. Paladins first appeared in the game Dungeons and Dragons as a holy knight. The title later appeared in many other games, such as the Fire Emblem series, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Golden Sun, and many others.

Fire Emblem series

In the Fire Emblem series, paladins always ride on horses. They are considered by fans as the most powerful and helpful classes in the game, though because of their power, you may over use them, giving your other characters low experience points.

Notable Paladins in the Fire Emblem series

Final Fantasy series

In the Final Fantasy series, paladins are a class that wield swords and magic and have relatively high defense. In the games, they are able to use a technique called "cover" that will temporarily stop all damage to a certain unit, though all the damage that he would have gotten goes go to you.

Notable Paladins in the Final Fantasy series

List of Final Fantasy games with Paladins