Pale Piranha

Pale Piranhas are black and gray Piranha Plants in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Pale Piranhas are found only in the Great Boggly Woods, Glitz Pit and The Great Tree.

Mario can only jump at it when he's equipped with the Spike Shield badge. It is the weakest of all Piranha Plants in this game.

It will bite at Mario or his partner and takes double damage.

A Hammer Quake, Art Attack, Earth Tremor or Power Shell can be the best attacks to defeat it.

As the members of the Mind-Bogglers, Mario must attack the Pider as it will go up and Mario can only use his hammer when he has the Hammer Throw. Also, he must attack the Dark Puff as it will have electric sparks on it as Mario gets electrocuted and he can only use his hammer when it's up with his Hammer Throw. Finally, Mario can then attack the Pale Piranha. Koops or Madame Flurrie can beat up this bad flower.


As in the Nintendo Power magazine, the Piranha Plant appears, but it didn't appear in the game and isn't from Boggly Woods. This was changed in the Official Strategy Guide from the Nintendo Power.

This is one of the weakest type of Piranha Plant species in the game.