Panasonic Q
Panasonic Q


Manufacturer Panasonic, Nintendo
Released JP December 13, 2001
Generation Sixth
Processor 485 MHz PowerPC 750CXe
Memory 40MB Internal Memory
Nintendo GameCube Memory Card (16MB max. capacity)
Resolution 480I/480P Progressive Scan
Media 8cm 1.5GB MiniDVD
4MB GameCube Memory Card
17.08GB Digital Video Disc
MP3 Audio Compact Disc
Controller input Nintendo GameCube controller, WaveBird, Game Boy Advance, DK Bongos, Panasonic Q Game Boy Player, Panasonic Q DVD Remote Control
Price JP ¥41,000~¥46,000
Units shipped Less than 100,000
Best-selling game Super Smash Bros. Melee, 7.09 million units sold (GameCube game)
Predecessor Nintendo GameCube
(2001; concurrent)
Successor Wii

The Panasonic Q multimedia console (known as the GameQ outside Japan) is a version of the Nintendo GameCube with the ability to play DVDs, audio CDs, and MP3s and included several new features. The Panasonic Q was released because the Nintendo GameCube lacked DVD playback, which was a feature that its competitors, the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, had. This console was only officially released in Japan. Initially, the Panasonic Q was only able to play games and DVDs from Japan; however, a modified version, which could play American games and DVDs, was later released, making it a popular console to import from Japan. The unit was priced at around ¥41,000 JPY and the modified version was priced at ¥46,000 JPY.

The Panasonic Q is capable of using almost all of the GameCube hardware upgrades. A special version of the Game Boy Player was designed for the Q because the Player was designed to fit onto the bottom of the GameCube, and the Q's different bottom form factor kept the Player from being installed. Other features of the Panasonic Q include a backlit information LCD, a front-loading slot disc tray, an optical sound output supporting Dolby Digital 5.1, a separate subwoofer jack, and a stainless steel chassis. These high-end features, as well as the aforementioned multimedia playback capabilites, have made the Panasonic Q a popular console to collect.

Panasonic and Nintendo ceased production of the Panasonic Q in December 2003 mainly due to low sales; the device only sold less than 100,000 units worldwide. A possible cause of the failure was the fact that at the time, a GameCube and a DVD player could be bought together for a lower cost than the Panasonic Q.

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