Panne's artwork from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Series Fire Emblem
First game Fire Emblem: Awakening
Species Taguel
Created by Kouhei Maeda
Year Created 2012
Designed by Yusuke Kozaki
Voiced by (English) Jessica Gee
Voiced by (Japanese) Yuki Masuda
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Panne (JP) (Palne in the European version) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. She is the last surviving member of the Taguel race, besides her son Yarne. Her starting class is the Taguel class, and she cannot be promoted.

She, until joining Chrom's army, wasn't tied to any nation, and just wandered the land. She is cool and strong, and a fierce fighter. Oddly she, unlike her son, doesn't particularly care about the potential extinction of the Taguels.


Stat Growths

Base Growths
HP 100%
Str 60%
Mag 15%
Skill 70%
Spd 75%
Lck 40%
Def 50%
Res 20%

Base Stats

Master Seal (Fire Emblem Awakening) Class Master Seal (Fire Emblem Awakening) Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) Level Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening) Movement Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Taguel 6 6
Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) Health Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) Strength Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) Magic Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening) Skill Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening)
28 8 11 9
Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) Speed Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) Luck Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) Defense Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening) Resistance Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening)
10 8 7 3
Rift Door (Fire Emblem Awakening) Skills Rift Door (Fire Emblem Awakening) Arms Scroll (Fire Emblem Awakening) Weapon Arms Scroll (Fire Emblem Awakening) Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening) Items Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Even Rhythm (Fire Emblem Awakening) Even Rhythm
Stone (Fire Emblem Awakening)  
Beaststone (Fire Emblem Awakening) Beaststone
Concoction (Fire Emblem Awakening) Concoction
Joins on Turn 2
Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) 6
Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening) 6
Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) 28
Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) 8
Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) 11
Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening) 9
Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) 10
Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) 8
Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) 7
Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening) 3

Possible Classes

Base Classes Promoted Classes
Thief Assassin
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Lord
Griffon Rider


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