Parachute Front
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game & Watch platform icon
Genre(s) Adventure
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Parachute is a game for the Game & Watch where you have to save people from a helicopter and make them land in your boat. You will direct your boat under the person try and let them land safely. If they land in the water, a shark will come and eat them- if this happens three times you will lose and will have to start over.

Game & Watch Gallery version

In the updated version of Parachute on the Game & Watch Gallery series, the Mr. Game & Watch driving the boat will be replaced by Mario, the falling parachuters will be replaced by baby Toads, Yoshies, and Kongs, and the shark will be replaced by a giant Cheep Cheep. The scenery also was given a major Mario facelift.